Kids at Hajj: Should Your Little One Become a Pilgrim?

Kids at Hajj: Should Your Little One Become a Pilgrim?

Performing hajj is at least once in a lifetime is considered most rewarding ritual for Muslim. Being a Muslim, you would always like to confirm whether you can bring your little kid to a Hajj or not. Actually, you can go to perform hajj along with your kid or kids, but you should also keep a few points in mind.


Are you planning to perform hajj along with your child? If so, then it’s important to learn how this should be done. Whether it is about performing Umrah or Hajj, you always need to know the Islamic rules for minors such as your children.

According to Muslim Hadith, “Parents can bring their kids to perform Umrah or Hajj provided that they follow all Islamic rules, rituals and other duties”. There are various rituals that children aren’t supposed to perform themselves such as throwing stones to devil. So, parents need to perform those rituals on the behalf of their kids.

What Is the Process to Perform Hajj for Children?

If you assume that there could be different rules and rituals for kids and adults when it comes to performing hajj, you need to get rid of the same. Actually, there is no basic difference between an adult and child performing hajj. But yes, it’s true that children should avoid performing potential harmful rituals such as throwing stones to Satan.

Now, you would like to know the procedure of performing hajj. So, let’s keep exploring this post.

1 – Perform Tawaf

As already mentioned above that the rules for performing hajj are same for both i.e. children and adults, you need to learn about the first stage of performing hajj.

This stage is called Tawaf. It means that you need to help your kids to perform Tawaf. What is Tawaf? Actually, it’s the first part of performing the hajj. When Muslims walk around the holy Kabah especially in an anti-clock direction, it’s called Tawaf. It should be performed seven times.

You need to help your kids to walk around the sacred Kabah for seven times in anti-clock direction to complete sacred tawaf. The main objective behind performing Tawaf in hajj is to show that Muslims are always equal irrespective of color, cast, country, and culture.

2 – Safa & Marwah

Now, come to the next ritual of Hajj. Now, you should help your kids to run between two sacred hills called Marwah and Safa. You need to run between these two hills 7 times to complete the rituals.

Your child or children are also supposed to perform the same ritual. However, you should always encourage your child to perform his Islamic duties while performing Hajj, but you shouldn’t ignore the security and safety of your little one.

3 – Don’t Allow Your Kids to Do Prohibited Things While Performing Hajj or Umrah

Most of the parents just concentrate on helping their kids to perform Hajj duties and liabilities. But they ignore the importance of basic Islamic rules. For instance, if you click photos or create videos for social media while performing hajj, you are simply doing a prohibited act in Islam.

You need to guide your child about how to refrain from prohibited things in Islam especially during Hajj and Umrah. Since children learn everything from their parents, you also need to avoid doing anything prohibited in Islam.

4 – How to Choose Dress for Your Kids When Performing Hajj or Umrah

Whether you are going to help your kid to perform Hajj or Umrah, you should always focus on his dress. Choose appropriate dress for your kid. You need to choose outfits for your kid or kids that simply comply with Islamic Ihram.

Being a mother or father of a kid, you need to declare that your little one is in proper Ihram. This way, you will give moral support to your child to perform his religious duties during hajj.

Ideas for Parents Bringing Kids to Hajj

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Whether you take kids for Umrah or hajj, you should always know a few things about the same. First, you need to be very conscious about the safety of your child. Even you should not allow your kids to perform stone throwing ritual on Devil during Hajj. Instead, you need to do various rituals on behalf of your little one during hajj.

Apart from taking religious points into consideration, you also need to consider stated below points while performing hajj with your kids.

1 – Vaccinations and Immunizations Should Be Done

Safety of your kid is the prime concern when it comes to visiting Mecca for performing hajj or Umrah. So, you first need to take vaccination of your child into consideration. After Covid-19, it’s necessary to have vaccination done for a kid or adult.

Like adults, children too need to get vaccination done. Apart from that you also need to ensure the immunization of your kid before moving to hajj. Get in touch with your family doctor to consult about the health of your kids before visiting to Mecca for Hajj.

2 – Is there Special Guide or Privileges for Kids?

Before you start moving to Mecca, you first need to confirm whether your tourist service provider offers special facilities and guide for kids.

If there is a special program for kids going to hajj, you need to collect information about the same.

3 – Keep Your Kid Hydrated During Hajj

Since Saudi Arabia is known for its scotching heat, it’s necessary to keep an eye on the health of your kid. You should keep your child hydrated during the hajj process.

For this, you need to choose cotton outfits for your kids. Bring water and other fruit juices to keep your child hydrated. It’s a fact that during Hajj, lots of pilgrims have to deal with serious health issues due to dehydration. So, you must keep your kid and yourself hydrated during Hajj.

4 – Are You Going to Visit Muzdalifah?

During the Hajj, Muslim pilgrims need to visit to Muzdalifah. Here, you should note one point that it may be colder days when you visit this place. So, you need to be ready to cope with colder days while performing hajj rituals in Mecca.

Apart from bringing cotton clothes for your kids, you also need to keep a few woolen or other warm clothes for your kids. This way, you can eliminate the risk of facing unwanted climate calamity.

5 – Medications Can’t Be Ignored

Whether it’s about adult or kids going to Mecca for performing Hajj, brining medication is necessary. If you assume that only individuals with health issues need to bring medicines, you need to get rid of it.

Actually, you always need to bring basic medicines to deal with unwanted urgency of medical help. However, there is medical facility always available during the hajj, but still it is a good idea to have your own medicines to deal with minor health issues.

There are few medicines that you can bring such as pain killers, cough syrup and vitamin tablets. In case of facing any sort of mild to moderate health issue, these medications can be of great help.

Final Words

By evaluating aforementioned points, now you have learnt that your little champ can be a pilgrim to Mecca to perform Hajj.

If you want to see your kid performing hajj i.e. completing the fifth pillar of sacred Islam, you must keep above mentioned points in mind.



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