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The Secret of the Green Dome of Masjid Nabawi

There is great buzz about green dome of sacred Masjid Nabawi. It is also called the mosque of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). There are various myths about this sacred dome of mosque nabawi in Medina.


Most of the laymen deal with various misconceptions about masjid al nabawi. They have heard lots of rumors about this sacred mosque of Muhammad Sallallahu Waele Wasallam. Being a Muslim, you would obviously like to debunk those myths about the Masjid Nabawi.

Here, you are going to unveil the truth associated with Masjid Nabawi.

What Is the Myth of the Green Dome of Sacred Masjid Nabawi?

However, there are various myths about green dome of mosque nabawi, but the most popular one is that there is a man buried on the top of the dome. Yes, you won’t believe it, but there are individuals in Muslim community who believe that there is a man buried on the green dome of masjid nabawi.

Now, you would like to confirm whether there is actually a man buried on the prophet’s mosque i.e. Masjid Nabawi in Medina or not. It is rumored that there was a man who wanted to demolish the green dome. So, he went up to the top of the green dome, and then tried to demolish it.

But it is said that the there was an instant lightning struck that killed the man. The man was died on the spot and buried on the green dome. Many individuals tried to remove his dead body from the green dome, but they couldn’t do so.

That’s why finally it’s decided to make a grave for the buried man on the green dome of prophet’s mosque in sacred city of Medina.

According to Sheikh Al-Zubaidi, “It was a miracle done about 90 years ago. The main objective behind this miracle was to let people know that whoever try to demolish the mosque of Prophet have to face horrible consequences of the same”.

But you should know that it’s not the reality of the green dome. Yes, there is no grave on green dome of mosque nabawi. Masjid Al Nabawi or Gumbad-E-Khizra doesn’t have a grave of a man.

What Is the Secret of Gumbad-E-Khizra (Green Dome of Masjid Nabawi)?

However, it’s widely popular that a man climbed on to the green dome in order to demolish the same. But suddenly a light came from sky and killed the man on the spot. The man was buried by the lighting of sky.

Now, his dead body is on the green dome of prophet’s mosque. But it is not true. It’s just a myth about masjid nabawi in Medina. Most of the Muslim people believe that it’s true, but it’s a fabricated lie.

The actual secret of green dome of prophet’s mosque is that there is no grave of a man, but there is a window. Yes, there is a window on the sacred green dome of mosque Nabawi.

Why a window was build on the green dome of Masjid Nabawi in Medina? Actually, there is a reason behind it. So, let’s unveil the truth about sacred green dome of Mosque Nabawi in Medina.

There was a time when people of Medina had to deal with severe drought. Since there were no proper crops, people had to face hunger and other issues. Thus, they visited at Hazrat E Aisha Siddiqa Radi Allahu Anha. People of Medina explained their problem to Hazrat-E-Aisha, and asked for solution for the same.

Having heard the problem of the people in Medina, Hazrat Aisha Radi Allahu Anha ordered them to visit the mosque of prophet Muhammad (PBUH). She said that there should be a window on the green dome so that there would be nothing between the Prophet grave and sky.

People of Medina created a window on green dome towards the sky. Once, they did it, they experienced the great rain that year. It was a great year for people, camels and crops.

However, initially people just opened an area on the green dome, but later a window was made on the same. The reason behind creating a window on green dome is to protect it from water or other climate issues.

Keeping a window on green dome is necessary as our beloved prophet Muhammad is in the sacred chamber. So, the green dome is thoroughly covered for the security and safety purposes.

Who Are the Guardian of Sacred Chamber in Green Dome of Masjid Nabawi?

Masjid nabawi

Since our beloved prophet’s body is inside a chamber in green dome mosque, it’s necessary to protect it from evil people. But do you know who are the guardians of sacred chamber or grave of Prophet Muhammad in Gumbad-E-Khizra?

Obviously, like all other people, you may not have any idea about the same. People who blessed with the task of protecting the sacred chamber of Prophet’s grave are called Eunuchs from Abyssinia.

Who are Eunuchs? Eunuchs are people without testicles whether for natural or surgical reasons. These people live a sacred life. They never talk to normal people. They always keep themselves hide from laymen in the society.

They always have the key of the sacred chamber where the grave of Prophet Muhammad is found. They protect everything inside the mosque Nabawi.

But due to new rules introduced by Saudi Government, these Eunuchs were taken out of their duties. There are probably five Eunuchs left in the city of medina who take care of sacred chamber inside Masjid Nabawi.

The present Saudi Government ordered to collect their biological details i.e. photographs etc. Saudi Government is even making a documentary on these Eunuchs in Medina.

Why Masjid Nabawi Is Green?

The prophet’s mosque has always been green. Since it’s always been green, it’s called green dome of mosque Nabawi. 

Since the color of Gumbad-e-Khizra is always green, green color is a sacred color in Islam. In other words, green represents the Islam. These are few misconceptions about the color of Masjid Nabawi.

If you also assume that green dome of Masjid Nabawi was always green, you need to get rid of this assumption. Actually, initially the dome was designed using Wood. Therefore, it was colorless. After that the green dome was painted white.

The sacred green dome of Masjid Nabawi was also painted in purple and blue colors. Now, you may be wondered when the green dome actually became the green?

It was the Ottoman Empire rule in the area when Masjid Nabawi’s dome was painted in green. Ottoman King Mahmud II ordered to paint mosque of prophet. So, the current mosque’s dome was made in the year of 1818.

The dome of sacred mosque was painted green in the year of 1837 during ottoman rule in the country. The key reason behind choosing green color for dome of Mosque Nabawi is that the dress of Jannah is believed to be green. Various Hadiths mention this point.


Now, you have unveiled the secret of green dome of mosque Nabawi. So, people usually assume that there is a man buried on green dome. But the reality is different. There is no buried man on green dome of prophet’s mosque in city of Medina.

Instead, it is a window that was open on the ordered of Hazrat E Aisha. Now, you have also unveiled the reason behind the green colored of dome. Why did green color was chosen to paint the sacred dome of prophet’s mosque.

And don’t forget the role of Eunuchs in taking care of sacred chamber in Green dome of mosque Nabawi.

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