Definition of Ummah

The Concept of Ummah in Islam, What's Ommah in Muslim Community?

The word oummah is an Arabic term often translated as nation or community, in French. It defines, among other things, a group of people sharing a common descent and living in the same place, but not only. The site defines the ummah as the international Islamic community, which is closer to the real meaning of this term.


As is the case with most Arabic words, the translation of ummah to nation or community does not take into account the nuances of this language. The root of the word ummah is amma, which means to go or to see.

The word imama means to lead, as in leading a congregation in prayer (hence the word imam). Derived from this root, we also find the word oumm, which means mother, or even source or origin. We could define the ummah as a community of believers linked by the same reason for being (the worship of God) and by the same objective, which is to advance the cause of Islam.


What's the definition of Ummah ?

The ummah, or Muslim community, is a group of people from various backgrounds, countries and nationalities. It is a community without borders, but very united. It is one nation united under the leadership of God.

“Certainly, this community of yours is unique in its essence. And I am your Lord; therefore fulfill your duties towards Me." (Quran 23:52)

In various translations of this verse, the word ummah is translated as the word religion, and in this context the word religion refers to a common way of life and a code of conduct that is adhered to by a community. In other words, an ummah (community) of believers.


The Ummah in the Quran

In the Quran, God does not use the term ummah exclusively to refer to the nation of Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of God be upon him). He often uses the term ummah to refer to a group of people who share the same religious beliefs. He tells us, for example, that in the very beginning humanity formed one ummah, but over time it became divided.

The term ummah is also used in the Quran in connection with communities that have shared the same prophet or messenger, such as the community of the prophet Moses or that of the prophet Jesus (peace and blessings of God be upon them).

“(All) people were (originally) one community; (but they resisted), so God sent (to them) prophets to announce the good news to them and to warn them. Thus He revealed to them the Scriptures containing the truth to serve as their judge and settle their differences." (Quran 2:213)

“To each community, a messenger was sent." (Quran 10:47)

The Prophet Muhammad was sent to support a community for the benefit of mankind, which community was meant to include all human beings. By God's command, he transmitted His divine message, intended to guide and warn men. In the Quran, God speaks of the ummah of Muhammad as the best community.

“You are the best community that has been created for men; you enjoin the good and forbid the blameworthy, and you believe in God." (Quran 3:110)

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The Ummah of Muhammad through the history

Ummah of Mohammed

The Ummah of Muhammad is known throughout the world and throughout history as a nation of believers united in their devotion to one God. Anyone who embraces Islam becomes a member of this ummah. All its members (the believers) are united by a very special bond similar to the bonds found within the same family. Muslims are brothers and sisters in Islam.

They should, theoretically, be incapable of showing indifference to each other; they should feel like one body, one community that nurtures the spirit of cooperation, goodwill, empathy and unity.

The example of believers in their love, compassion and sympathy for one another can be compared to a human body; when one of its limbs is injured and in pain, the body responds with insomnia and fever.

Prophet Muhammad constantly worried about the welfare of his ummah. He was not concerned so much about their fate in this world as about their fate in the hereafter. They say he cared a lot about his nation and it made him cry till his beard was wet with tears. “My ummah! My ummah! he exclaimed, imploring God.

The Prophet said one day to his companions: “Would it please you if I told you that you will compose a quarter of the people of Paradise? They replied, "God is great!" He continued, "Would it please you if I told you that you will be one-third of the people of Paradise?" They replied, "God is great!" He said, "Well, I hope you make up more than half of the people in Heaven." »

Aisha, the wife of Prophet Muhammad, reported asking him: “O Messenger of God! Ask God for me! He then said, “O God! Forgive Aisha her past and future sins, what she hides as well as what she exposes. She smiled with joy upon hearing these words. The Prophet said: “My invocation makes you happy? She replied, "And how could she not make me happy?" Then the Prophet replied: “By God, this is the invocation that I make for my ummah in each of my prayers. »


The Ummah in the eye of God

Every member of the ummah is equal before God. God makes no distinction between different shades and colors of skin. Islam is supposed to unite everyone into a single community where all members are equal, regardless of gender or social status. Islam commands us to follow the recommendations and pay attention to the warnings contained in the Quran and in the hadiths of the Prophet Muhammad.

And it is only on the level of piety that one person can be considered superior to another.

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