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The Danger of Influencers for our Muslim Children

Internet has changed the world it used to be. Now, it has psychological control over the masses around the world. Kids aren’t supposed to be an exception. Children are using social networking sites such as Snapchat, Instagram, YouTube, and many others.


Using internet and social media isn’t a wrong practice to continue. But the actual problem comes when our Muslim children get influenced by social media influencers with no Islamic knowledge. It means that children from Muslim families are spending their time on Snapchat, YouTube and Instagram to learn non-Muslim things.  

They consume lots of video content that influence their behavior. Obviously, they are forgetting their roots associated with Islam. It is really a danger for our Muslim kids. Here, we are going to throw light on the danger of influencers for our Muslim children.

Internet Can Change the Perception of Muslim Kids

It is a psychological fact that the combination of audio and video can easily influence the perception of an individual. When your kids keep watching videos, sharing stuffs on social media and dealing with unwanted visuals, they are going to change their perception unconsciously.

The bad thing is that most of the modern kids in Muslim families have their own personal mobile phone. They have their cell phone to use the way they want. When they start browsing through internet, they get in touch with content, which is attractive but prohibited in Islam. For instance, they may start accepting believing system of non-Muslim people.

Are Your Children Addicted to Internet and Cell Phone?

Parents usually complain that their kids are addicted to cell phone and social media, but the reality is that they are also addicted to the same. Yes, if you want to help your kids getting rid of internet or social media addiction, you first need to get rid of the same.

According to the latest survey, most of adult people in USA spend at least one and half hour on the internet. It means that they are addicted to social media and internet. Obviously, your children must follow the path, which you follow. They start assuming that watching unnecessary videos on social media sites such as Instagram, Tiktok and Snapchat isn’t a wrong practice.

Who Is Responsible for the Danger of Influencers for Our Muslim Children?

If you blame your kids for this addiction, you are certainly making a wrong choice. Actually, it’s your responsibility to guide your kids about the right Islamic path. But before that you should first start following the path of true Islam.

If you don’t teach your kids about Islam, its discourses, our prophet and fighters of Islam, your kids will learn something else. Yes, your kids may start learning how to dance vulgarly for the views and likes on social media. Your daughter at very young age start showing her body off to impress viewers on social networking sites.

All these things will ultimately lead your kids towards destruction. Due to overdose of watching videos, creating nonsense content on social media and reading non-Islamic stuffs, they start altering their perception towards the world and the after-life. Let’s learn how these influencers on social media or internet are changing the perception of our Muslim children.

1 – Practicing the Things Prohibited in Islam

Whether it is about dancing or drinking alcohol, there are social media influencers who influence young Muslim minds. By following non-Muslim influencers online, Muslim children start accepting the things, which are strictly prohibited in Islam such as drinking alcohol, dancing and physical relationship before marriage.

When your kids open Facebook or Instagram to watch videos, they subconsciously start following their ideology of materialism. They start believing that the life is all about entertainment and fun. They do things that give them temporary pleasure. But they forget the rules of Islam. They forget that doing non-Islamic things can lead them towards total destruction whether mentally or physically.


2 – Changing Their Identity

Young Muslim children watch social media content and follow various social media influencers to unconsciously learn how to change their perception. Since they don’t practice core things of Islam, they start accepting new ideologies about the world, life and religion.

Changing ideology simply means changing your identity. It means that Muslim children learn how to accept and change their views and ideology towards the world. They don’t know how to follow basics of Islam.

3 – Kids Follow the Path of Their Parents

When you start analyzing the danger of social media influencers for our Muslim kids, you will notice that they are forgetting the path of Islam. Who is responsible for this? Before you start hunting for this question, you need to accept the fact that children follow the path of their parents and family.

If you keep watching videos online or follow social media influencers blindly, your kids are likely to do the same. Kids usually learn everything from their own family members especially parents. So, parents are basically responsible for this danger on our Muslim kids.

4 – Following Misguided Muslim Influencers

If you assume that following Muslim social media influencers can resolve this problem, you need to alter your perception. Actually, there are lots of misguided Muslim influencers online.

They don’t know about the basics of Islam. But they use Islam for their political gains. They represent Islam as a backward religion. Obviously, it’s the most dangerous thing for your kids. Following a misguided Muslim influencer means choosing a wrong path to go with.

How Can Muslim Kids Get Rid of the Danger of Influencers Online?

Now, you want to learn how you can help your kids getting rid of the danger of influencers on social media. For this, you need to follow a few things. You need to teach your kids to learn how they can avoid everything non-Islamic online.

  • Before you start preaching your kids about right and wrong, you first need to follow a right path. You should first start following the path of Islam. You need to choose online content that depict the positive and real image of Islam.
  • If you try to prohibit your kids using internet, you are going to make another mistake. You should not prohibit your kids from using internet as it is the need of the hour. But yes, you need to have control over what your kids should watch or engage with. You need to create a system that let your kids know that someone is supervising them.
  • Instead of blaming modern world and technology, you need to teach your children how to use the technology for the progress and betterment of their life. You can guide them how to find Islamic discourses online to learn more about Islam.
  • Parents strictly need to offer Salah five times in a day. Being a father or mother, you should recite Quran daily. You also need to guide your kids about how to recite Quran and practice Islam.
  • Teach your kids about the basics of Islam so that they can start practicing the same. But before that you too need to start practicing Islamic laws and rules.
  • Spend quality time with your kids. Instead of using internet and social media unnecessary, you also need to learn how to spend time with your children and other family members.
  • You need to help your kids to read stories about our prophet, his companions and basics of Islam.
  • Practicing and embracing Islam can help your kids getting rid of the danger of influencers online.
  • You kids should know the fact that they are from Allah and for Allah.


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