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If we remember Eid 2022 – and how to forget it? – it is a real pleasure to be able to celebrate Eid this year with the family, without the restrictions that were so brutally imposed on us last year.


We are delighted to be able to wish all the families of Touchatou an excellent Eid, as a family.

For a few years, Eid has taken place during the holiday period, but here is a good opportunity to tell you how we "prepare" Eid at school, and how we use it as a support to learn many things, around three themes: the sheep (and the animals), the party, the conviviality and finally, the Islamic traditions (and of course, the parents will also talk about the religious significance of the party).


The sheep festival… but what is a sheep?

We will therefore explain to the child that the sheep is an animal, that it lives on the farm, with other sheep. We can make him imitate the cry of the sheep. We explain to him what the animal is “used for”: it is raised for its meat and its wool. The sheep is an animal that lives in herds, the shepherds can leave it in meadows or, in certain regions of Islamic countries, they change places regularly, because there is not enough water to feed a herd. all year. Depending on the age of the child, we can talk to him a little bit about ecology, show him on the map where the nomads are, etc. There is no other limit than the curiosity of the child.

Activities around the sheep

All this is done in workshops where the child will "manipulate" sheep: coloring, of course, but also collages, with stickers, for example, or woolen threads that are put on a cut cardboard in the shape of a sheep. As our children also need to spend their energy, we teach them songs, we make them play leapfrog, etc.

Here is a series of files that you can download and print, to give your children coloring to do (coloring or painting, or playing with stickers). We even added a goat!

Conviviality and sharing

The Eid is an opportunity to be together. We also explain to the children the importance of this sharing, of this family reunion, of visiting neighbors, of wishing each other a happy birthday.

This year, if Eid had taken place during school term, we would also have insisted on being together does not stop the war against the virus. Here you can see how we explain to children how to protect themselves, without scaring them.

For example, we can tell the child which members of the family he knows less well and who will be there.

Islamic traditions

As with every holiday, we talk about Islamic traditions: decorated festive clothes are a main part of it. At school, we ask the children to say which region or country they are from, and we show them the traditional clothes, they also have workshops where they will use stickers, pompoms, bits of fabric, to decorate caftans or slippers. You see that the list of activities is long.

Participate in the kitchen

Eid cooking activities are a bit complicated for very young children who cannot handle knives, fire on their own. With the excitement of preparation, this may not be the time when parents will be most available to supervise children. On the other hand, we can make them make small cakes, in the shape of a sheep if you have a cookie cutter!

Assemble Islamic building legos

Kaaba lego set

One of the most fun games for Islamic holidays is to assemble Islamic buildings like the Kaaba, The Masjid Nabawi, Qibli mosqueAbu Dhabi Mosque and the Masjid Aqsa, those are not only fun toys but only a way to educate your children for the Islamic culture.


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