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Gambling in Islam: The harms to be aware of

Sports betting, poker, scratching... Too many young people are affected by this scourge, regardless of their faith. Indeed, many people have succumbed to this temptation mentioned in the Quran and the Sunnah.


They have surely suffered from the propaganda of advertising spots and paid influencers to promote these practices. Let’s try to find out more about gambling in Islam. 

Gambling in Islam: a temptation that leads to addiction

The lure of profit pushes some to put their moral and religious values ​​second. Especially since temptations overwhelm us on a daily basis.

To attract crowds, some even go so far as to offer the first bet, just to create an addiction. Yet we all know that these practices present a lie.

For some, Cheytane did not need to make considerable efforts to push them into these reprehensible practices.

Gambling in Islam is one of the great sins. Despite this, some Muslim influencers do not hesitate to promote it.

They claim to want to protect those around them, but in the Muslim religion, the end does not justify the means. Why not embody the example by being one of the virtuous people who have achieved the pleasure of Allah?

Addiction pushes some people to spend their entire salary, all their savings. Then, they end up isolated, turn to alcohol and eventually end their lives.

Sometimes, some non-Muslim influencers show kindness towards their community while others in our community show no qualms about promoting this evil.

What does Sharia law say about gambling in Islam?

Allah has declared that gambling, wine, divining arrows and standing stones are an abomination. He also describes them as a work of the devil and encourages the believer to abandon them in order to succeed. 

To this, He adds that Cheytane wants to spread enmity and hatred among us through these practices which distract from the remembrance of Allah. Furthermore, these four elements lead the faithful to abandon prayer.

Success lies in departing from these practices made illicit by our Lord. In this verse, Allah has established wine and gambling on the same level as certain polytheistic practices.

The consequences of these actions are dangerous, both physically and psychologically. In fact, the person with an addiction puts their health and physical assets at risk, then finds themselves destitute.

The WHO also recognizes gaming addiction as a disease. Gambling in Islam actually presents a disease of the heart that distances one from Allah.

Scholars have unanimously recognized the ban on games that involve betting, in which money is put.

Any game that provokes hatred, animosity and neglect of religious obligations is also haram.

The standing committee issued a formal ban on the game of cards, despite the absence of a bet. Sheikh Al Uthaymin, rahimahoullah, also took this view.

The die: a prohibited accessory in Islam

Several hadiths express the prohibition of this gaming accessory. Indeed, the messenger of Allah ﷺ declared that whoever uses it disobeys Allah and His messenger. He also compared its use to dipping one's hand in the blood and meat of pork.

Gambling in Islam is one of the turpitudes that affect our youth. Let us accompany the youngest to make them a pious generation.

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