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Summer has set in and the holidays are here, and with them often come the same questions: what ideas will I be able to find to keep my child occupied until the start of the school year in September?


That’s when we enroll our children in manual, sporting, cultural activities… We go on vacation for a few days to see family… We buy them some games to keep them busy at home…

But what about their religious learning? Where are we ? Why not take advantage of this special time of year to instill some Islamic values ​​in our children?

We can read with them the stories of the Prophets and the companions

The importance of teaching your child invocations

In addition to all these ideas, we can also learn together some particularly useful invocations during this summer period!

Indeed, as you may know, invoking Allah ﷻ is one of the best actions that a Muslim can accomplish during his day. By invoking his Creator, he connects each of his actions to his Lord ﷻ, he relies on Him, asks for His protection and His help, he remembers His Power and His Omnipotence, He is certainly capable of all things.

Moreover, the Messenger of Allah ﷺ said:

“The example of one who mentions his Lord and one who does not mention his Lord is like the example of the living and the dead. »

(Reported by Al-Boukhâry in his Sahih n°6407)

He also said:

“There is no Muslim who makes an invocation in which there is neither sin nor rupture of kinship ties, without Allah giving him one of these 3 things: either he immediately answers his invocation, either it delays his hearing for the afterlife, or it protects him from an equivalent evil.

The Companions said:

– So we have to do a lot.

The Prophet ﷺ replied:

– Allah will do even more. »

(Reported by Ahmad and authenticated by Sheikh Al-Albani in Sahih Targhib n°1633)

Here are 5 invocations to teach your child this summer and to use every day inshaAllah!

1/ Invocation during the trip

Summer is obviously the time for travel: we travel to visit family, loved ones, we sometimes even travel outside the borders of France... And this constitutes a very good opportunity to learn the traveler's invocation together!

“Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest, Allah is the Greatest. Glory and purity to Him who subjected all this to us when we were not capable of dominating them. And it is to our Lord that we will return.

O Allah! We ask You to grant us on this journey godly kindness, fear and every action that pleases You.

O Allah! Make this journey easier for us and shorten its distance for us.

O Allah! You are our traveling companion and the successor to our families.

O Allah! I seek refuge in You from the fatigue of the journey, from every sight that causes sorrow and from any misfortune that would affect our property and our families on our return. »

On return, we add

“Here we are again, repentant, devoted and proclaiming the praise of our Lord. »

(Reported by Mouslim, 1342)

2/ Invocation when entering a new city

During our summer trips, we sometimes enter a new city, to visit it for example and stay there for a few days. Did you know there was a special summon for this?

“O Lord! You who are the Master of the seven heavens and of what they shelter! You who are the Lord of the seven lands and of what they carry within them!

You who are the Master of demons and of those they have led astray! I implore You to grant me the good of this city and its inhabitants as well as the good that is found there. And I take refuge with You from the evil of this city and its inhabitants, and from the evil that is there. »

(Reported by Ibn As-Sounny 524 – Al Hakim 2/100)

3/ Invocation by putting on new clothing

This summer, several occasions will undoubtedly lead you to the stores to buy new clothes for your loved ones, for your children and for yourself. Eid Al-Adha, summer clothes, back to school...

There are many reasons to renew your wardrobe this summer and thus learn the invocation to pronounce by putting on new clothing!

“Praise be to You, O Lord! It is You who dressed me in this garment. I implore You to be able to enjoy the good it contains and the good for which it was designed, and I take refuge with You from the evil it contains and from the evil for which it was designed. »

(Reported by Abou Dâwoûd 4020 – At Tirmidhy 1767 – Al Baghawy 47)

It is also interesting to learn the invocation that we say when we see one of our loved ones wearing a new item of clothing.

“May you always wear new, live with dignity and die as a martyr. »


4/ Invocation before drinking

When temperatures soar, we regularly find ourselves drinking all kinds of drinks throughout the day.

There is an invocation before drinking that our children generally know and which consists of simply saying: " In the name of Allah "

And when he’s finished drinking, don’t forget to remind him what to say: “Praise be to Allah. »

5/ Invocation when thunder roars

Summer is also the period of localized storms, those which form when the heat is great and is accompanied by strong sunshine without wind. It then happens that the evenings are sometimes stormy and thunder rumbles, the ideal opportunity to learn, as a family, the invocation that must be pronounced.

Indeed, when he heard the rumble of thunder, 'Abd Allah Ibn Az-Zoubayr stopped all discussion and said: "Glory and purity to Him whose praise is sung by thunder as well as by the Angels because of the fear that 'they have Him. »

(Reported by Mâlik 2/992 – Sahih Kalim At-Tayyib 157)

And we ask Allah ﷺ to preserve our children, to guide them, to help us educate them in accordance with the Quran and the Sunnah. May He make them pious descendants and may they be a good work for us after our death!

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