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Top List of Islamic Toys and Games You can Buy for Your Kids

List of top Islamic games and toys you can buy for your children so they can learn Islamic cultures and building while they are having fun. 

1- Kaaba Building Block

Introducing "The Holy Kaaba Islamic building block set" - an educational and respectful building Muslim Blocks® set designed exclusively for exploring the significance of the Holy Kaaba in Islam. This 367+ piece set allows children to embark on an enlightening journey through Islamic heritage, learning about the historical and religious importance of the Holy Kaaba... Learn more

2- Masjid An Nabawi building blocks

Introducing a unique and educational product designed with utmost respect for Islamic values - the "World first Masjid Al-Nabawi" building block set.

Created solely for educational purposes, this pioneering set allows children to explore the beauty of Islamic architecture and culture in a manner that aligns with Islamic more


3- MasjidAl-Aqsa Building blocks

Al Aqsa dome building block

Introducing our latest creation, the "Al-Aqsa Dome Of The Rock" building block set made by Muslim Blocks® - a meticulously crafted architectural marvel that brings one of the holiest sites in Islam to life in stunning detail. This exquisitely designed building block set allows you to embark on a journey of discovery and appreciation for the sacred Al-Aqsa Dome Of The Rock, right from the comfort of your own home...Learn more

4- Islamic Building Blocks Set Qibli Mosque

the world's first Al Aqsa - Qibli Mosque building block set by Muslim Blocks®. This meticulously designed set lets you experience the essence of Al-Quds (Jerusalem) and brings to life the revered Qibli Mosque, a cornerstone of Islamic history. As you piece together this iconic structure, embark on a journey through the rich tapestry of Islamic heritage, delving into the significant narratives that have shaped our faith... Learn more about Qibli Mosque

5- The Sajid Bear Koranic Night Light

The Sajid Bear Who Spreads the Quran
The teddy bear has a night light and a bright projector, your baby will fall asleep with sweet suras from the Koran, it also has the possibility of broadcasting the sound of heartbeats also uterine sounds to remind him of life uterus and therefore reassure him.

His projector will emit a soft light that will not interfere with his sleep.

Sajid offered by the Sajada©️ brand is the ideal companion for newborns. A beautiful gift for the arrival of a new little Muslim or little Muslim in the Ummah!

Quranic teddy bear that will be able to detect the crying of children
And will immediately trigger the magnificent verses of tranquility (As Sâkina).


Would you like your children to know the Prophets better in order to love and follow them? Do you want your children to follow the example of the Prophets in their lives? If so, Journey to the Land of the Prophets is exactly what you need to help your child better discover the best beings created by Allah. 

It allows your child to learn more about the Prophets and their lives, in a fun and engaging way. Here's how it works: It is a complete picture-story that sticks in your child's mind because it is visually appealing and helps your child remember the Prophets in a playful way.

7- Quran Family Game

Family Game On The Quran Animal Version 

400 Quran Questions - Authentic Quran Sources

The Quran Family Game is a game for the whole family to learn about the Quran while having fun.

A game for young and old, to strengthen family ties, to learn in a fun way.

Play two, several or form several teams. Ideal for home, mosque, school or with friends.

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