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Motivating children to study religion with the KOTOPOK method. If you tell my children it’s time to study: they will drag their feet

If you tell them it’s time to do a fun activity: they will be very excited!


In the end, in both cases, they will do the same thing, but I prefer to present the task to them from an angle that reassures them and motivates them!

On the other hand, for school it’s too late lol! They have already associated school with something unpleasant (they like life at home too much) and it is not by changing the name that I am going to change their perception of it…

If you are in the same situation as me, I have good news!

There is one topic in which this method still works: the study of religion.


We don't all have the opportunity to have children in a Muslim school, so we must dedicate a few hours during the week to help our little ones advance in the discovery of their religion.

Of course, we know that they already have a lot to do at school. Not even to mention the long days (did anyone who thought a child was operational from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. have children themselves?)… And once home, the ritual of homework and revision begins… hard to find time!

And even if I find time for the little ones, I'm afraid that at the end of the day, they will no longer have the energy to concentrate on complex concepts or those requiring concentration... so, we set up a barometer!

At home, the child is either:

KO: he can't/wants to learn anything.

OK: he's awake, but not super focused.

TOP: he is awake, focused and demanding!

As I said above, we all lack time, so we have to take advantage of every moment... even when the little ones are knocked out! But of course, in an adapted way. I explain to you !


For example, what we can do when they are at TOP is to take advantage of these moments to review the Koran or study Arabic. However, these two activities require a teacher and even if we could suggest teaching materials available in stores, I find that it is better to ask the teacher for their preferences in this area.

It’s really an excellent support for gently helping children advance in their religious learning when they are at their best! Even if only by spending a quarter of an hour per week, children will be able to easily develop their religious knowledge while having fun.


toys for muslim kids

They are there, awake, by your side, but the slightest joke can turn them into an electric battery. The trick to not losing them (and moreover wasting this precious time) is to offer them an activity that does not require too much thought or too much concentration.

Then, you read together the few lines in the book and you offer them a related activity. For example, you can ask them to find 4 positions in which they can eat, but the first one to lean on loses!

You can also integrate other activities such as drawing, Kaaba Lego, origami, etc. which will allow them to more easily remember the short lesson while having fun in sha Allah!

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And with KO children, what do we do with them?

Well, they are KO so I assure you, they are not going to do much! But this is surely the best time to let them listen to profitable audio books!

When they are knocked out, children (and even adults) more easily leave the pragmatism of the world around them to slide towards the pictorial illustration of what they hear.


By listening to the audiobook on the adventures of Salman the Persian, they will imagine themselves at his side, crossing Persia in search of a man who can guide him towards the worship of Allah. It is the same with audio books like the Stories of the Prophet's companions, the Signs of the End of Times or the biography of the 4 Caliphs.

KO children unfortunately often end up in front of the TV or a video game. However, we can all offer them other ways to travel while preserving their healthy nature and their tired little bodies...


As you see, with few means and a little time we can succeed, with the help and permission of Allah, in giving our children a little time to learn religion. It just takes a little effort… and a lot of imagination!

May Allah protect our children from all evil and guide them to righteousness.

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