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When you are interested in Islam and want to learn more, it is not always easy to know which concepts to start with, which subjects to start your learning with.

In his famous work “Important lessons for the whole community”, the author, Sheikh ‘Abd Al ‘Azîz Ibn Bâz, reviews the subjects and areas that it is essential for every believer to know.

Let’s discover them together…

The importance of acquiring the authentic foundations of religion

Acquiring the authentic foundations of religion is one of the primary challenges that Muslims must set themselves. Moreover, Sheikh Sâlih Ibn ‘Abdul ‘Azîz Âl Ach-Sheikh explains in the book “How to learn your religion? »:

“There is no doubt that the student, I would even say every sincere believer, will never part with the study of Islamic sciences.

He constantly worships Allah through learning, teaching, preaching, efforts in this direction, or through acts of worship that he practices personally. He never gives it up, whatever the circumstances. Or rather, this is how the believer should be. »

He also says, regarding the importance of knowing the fundamental principles of religion:

“Studying Islamic sciences involves adorning oneself with a large number of noble characters. This also requires remembering the fundamental principles on which religious knowledge is based, the behavior that the student must adopt, but also the method to follow in the study of religious sciences. »

And among the reference works updating the fundamental principles to know, there is of course the book “Important lessons for the entire community”. In the introduction, the author, Sheikh ‘Abd Al ‘Azîz Ibn Bâz, may Allah have mercy on him, explains:

“Here are some words bringing together several essential points that ordinary Muslims must know about their religion. »

Let's discover, therefore, together, some principles Sheikh 'Abd Al 'Azîz Ibn Bâz encourages us to know.

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Know Surah Al-Fâtiha and the short surahs

Among the areas of religious study in which the believer must continue his efforts, there is the study of the Koran and the memorization of the short surahs, including the “Mother of the Book”: Surah Al-Fâtiha.

On this subject, Sheikh ‘Abd Al ‘Azîz Ibn Bâz, may Allah have mercy on him, explains:

“Regarding Surah Al-Fatihah and what is possible among the short surahs, from Surah Al-Zalzalah to Surah An-Nâs”, it is the responsibility of Muslims to transmit them to each other, by correcting the recitation, by making learn by heart and explain what is imperative to understand. »

The pillars of Islam and the pillars of faith

Another particularly important area of ​​study: Tawhîd and in particular: the pillars of Islam and the faith.

Thus, the believer is asked in particular:

· to know the meaning and conditions of the first pillar of Islam and the most important: the words: “No divinity deserves to be worshiped except Allah” and that “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. »

· to know the five pillars of Islam: the attestation that “No deity deserves to be worshiped except Allah” and that “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah”, the performance of prayer, the acquittal of Zakah, fasting in the month of Ramadan and the Pilgrimage to the Sacred House of Allah.

· to know the pillars of faith: believing in Allah, in His Angels, in His Books, in His Messengers, in the Last Day and in predestination, favorable or unfavorable.

The categories of Tawheed and polytheism

The categories of Tawheed are: Oneness of Lordship, Oneness in Worship, and Oneness of Names and Attributes. It is obviously important to know the meaning of each of them.

· As for the categories of polytheism, there are three: major polytheism, minor polytheism and hidden polytheism. By understanding the meaning of each, their consequences and their examples reported by the Koran and the Sunnah.


A pillar of Islam, prayer is, for every Muslim, a daily event. This act of worship is particularly important. Moreover, the Prophet ﷺ said: “The first thing by which the servant is judged on the day of resurrection is prayer, if it is good the other acts will be good and if it is not good the other acts will not be good. »

[Reported by At-Tabarânî and authenticated by Al-Albâny]

Concerning prayer, it is important for the believer to know:

  • the conditions of prayer,
  • its pillars,
  • its obligations,
  • annulling acts,
  • the conditions of ablution,
  • the obligations of ablutions,
  • acts canceling ablutions.

The good behavior that the Muslim must adorn himself with

Another area of ​​learning that is a source of benefits and worship: good behavior, rules of politeness and good manners that every Muslim must acquire.

Good behavior affects different aspects of life and can manifest itself in various forms. And as the Prophet ﷺ said: “Certainly, the believer reaches through his good behavior the level of one who fasts during the day and prays at night. »

[Reported by Abou Dâwoûd and authenticated by Al-Albani]

We ask Allah to grant us profitable knowledge, He is certainly capable of everything. And may the praise and salvation of Allah be upon our Prophet and Messenger.

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