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The World First Educational Islamic Building Block Sets

Muslim Blocks® Introduce The world first educational Islamic Building Block Sets, Raising Islamic Knowledge and Beautifying Islam Homes


Muslim Blocks® is a UAE-based company providing the Islamic community with building block sets designed to increase knowledge and underscore the architectural beauty and significance of Islamic landmarks.

The gorgeous Islamic architecture has inspired us for centuries. From the Honored Kaabah gracing the Masjid al-Haram and the glorious Masjid An-Nabawi, the “Heart of Islam”, these magnificent buildings are widely recognized as some of the most important places of worship for Muslims.

Why chose Muslim Blocks ?

kaaba and masjidan-nabawi block sets

To bring a piece of these structures into the homes of Muslim and Islamic families, Muslim Blocks® is offering premium quality building block sets. Simple to use and offering hours of fun for the entire family, Muslim Blocks® building block sets are increasing knowledge and highlighting the unparalleled beauty of Islamic holy buildings at the same time.

As the firm’s spokesperson noted, each Muslim Blocks® set was hand-designed and made from premium quality materials to mirror the regal beauty and importance of Islamic architecture.

The spokesperson continued, stating that Muslim Blocks® products are for everyone (even those who would like to learn about the Islamic buildings history).

From children and teens to young adults and the elderly, these block sets are not only meant to resemble Islamic holy sites – they are also meant to bring communities together and give families a fun activity to bond over.

We provide the unique opportunity at Muslim Blocks® to combine learning and fun with every Block. Our sets are designed to be enjoyed by everyone – from children and parents looking for a fun activity to anyone with a love for building and connecting with our beautiful religion,” said the companys spokesperson.

The Holy Kaabah is the centerpiece of Muslim Blocks. Beautiful and elegant, this building block set was designed by hand to match even the smallest details of this divine building.

The Kaabah block set package features an instruction manual complete with some of the most significant historical and cultural facts about this building, underscoring its religious importance to believers across the globe.

Besides the Holy Kaabah, Muslim Blocks also offers a building block set for the “Prophet’s Mosque”, the Masjid Al Nabawi.

As Muslim Blocks®s spokesperson expressed, this is the first and only building block set for this Islamic building. Comprised of over 300 block pieces complete with emerald green and silver domes, detailed courtyard umbrellas, and the grand gate of Al-Baqi, Masjid Al Nabawi was built to structurally resemble the Great Mosque.


Muslim Blocks® sets feature all the pieces required to build tiny replicas of the Great Kaabah and Masjid Al Nabawi.

Muslim Blocks® strives to promote Islamic education and religion with its building block sets and enrich the Islamic community with products that promote bonding, learning, and wholesome fun.

More information about Muslim Blocks® is available on the companys official website.


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