Aqsa Mosque

Visit the Al Aqsa Mosque, Holy Place of Islam

Classified as the third holiest place in Islam after Mecca and Medina, the Al Aqsa Mosque and in particular its “Haram al-Sharif” esplanade welcome thousands of faithful from all over the world every day. “Al-Aqsa”, translated into French as “the most distant”, began its construction in the 7th century in the holy city. This is the largest mosque in Jerusalem since the entire site can accommodate several hundred thousand people.


The Al-Aqsa Mosque is recognized for its many qualities and characteristics by Muslims. Indeed, it is the first of the two qiblas (Muslims first prayed in its direction for approximately 17 months).

In addition, it is the second mosque built in the world, as it was erected forty years after the Holy Mosque of Mecca.

Finally, it is the third holy place of pilgrimage for its history in the Koran: Mohammed would have reached it following his nocturnal journey from Mecca and from which he would have undertaken the ascent to the seventh heaven (17, 1 ).

Currently, it is possible to visit the mosque and its silver dome near the dome of the rock with its splendid gold and blue architecture at set times. Indeed, if the visit is authorized for married Muslim men and women at any time of the day, access to the mosque esplanade for non-Muslims is limited to certain time slots which change depending on the day. and the season. It is therefore imperative to find out before undertaking a visit to the heart of Islamic culture.


Located on the Temple Mount, AL Aqsa is the largest mosque in Jerusalem. It is an emblematic place, which continues to fascinate thousands of tourists from all walks of life. This sanctuary, which is part of the Esplanade des Mosques alongside the Dome of the Rock, is said to have been built in the 7th century according to Muslim tradition on the sacred site of the prophet Mohammed's nocturnal journey to the sky.

But if they attract so many people, it is not the safest place. Besides, Jerusalem is not what one could call a secure city. Thus, violence is not rare in the mosque area.

To this end, travelers are advised to exercise caution during their visit. For the occasion, the outfit to adopt should not be chosen by chance. Responsible behavior is required to honor the religious character of the site.

Myths and misconceptions surrounding the Al-Aqsa

There are various myths and misconceptions surrounding the Al-Aqsa Mosque, particularly due to historical and political sensitivities in the region.

One common myth is the belief that Al-Aqsa Mosque itself is in danger of being destroyed or that there are plans to change its status quo. Such claims have been circulated in the past, often leading to tensions and conflicts... more about Al-Aqsa Mosque

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