Patent & Trademark

Important Notice: Patent & Trademark Protections

We take great pride in our unique and original artwork designs at Muslim Blocks®, which have undergone extensive creative efforts and innovations. As a result, we have sought legal protection to safeguard our intellectual property rights on multiple fronts.

1. Patent Granted in China :

We are thrilled to announce that this month of November 2023 marks a significant milestone for Muslim Blocks®. Al Hamdou’Allah Our patent application has officially moved to the 'Granted' status! After 10 Month of pending status 🎉.

Our unique Artwork designs are now a Granted patent application status in China. This means that we, at Muslim Blocks®, have applied for patent protection to prevent unauthorized replication, manufacturing, and distribution of our proprietary designs.

The Holy Kaaba Artwork design.
The State Intellectual Property Office :
Application No : 202330490336.0 / Document No : 2023080202028610
Granted Patent Link :

The Masjid An Nabawi Artwork design.
The State Intellectual Property Office :
Application No : 202330490337.5 / Document No : 2023080202028700
Granted Patent Link :

Al Aqsa Dome Of The Rock Artwork design.
The State Intellectual Property Office :
Application No : 202330600103.1 / Document No : 2023091401325490
Granted Patent Link :

Blue Mosque Artwork design.
The State Intellectual Property Office :
Application No : 202330653224.2 / Document No : 2023101001875110

2. US Copyrights Registration:

In addition to patent protection, we have diligently registered our artwork designs with the United States Copyright Office. This provides us with robust copyright protections, ensuring that our designs are exclusively owned by Muslim Blocks® and cannot be used without our explicit permission.

U.S. Copyright Office

Title of Work :
Muslim Blocks ® Logo
Title of Work :
Muslim Blocks ® Brand name
Title of Work :
The World's First Educational Islamic Building Blocks®
Type of Work :
Work of the Visual Arts.
Case Number : 1/12826932755
Application Number : 141450

3. UAE Trademark Registration:

We have also secured copyright registrations for our artwork designs in the United Arab Emirates. This further bolsters our intellectual property rights at Muslim Blocks® and reinforces our commitment to protecting our creations from any infringement.

United Arab Emirates Ministry of Economy

Title of Work :
Muslim Blocks® Logo
Title of Work :
Muslim Blocks® Brand name
Title of Work :
The World's First Educational Islamic Building Blocks®
Category :
28 Toy Building Blocks used for educational purposes.
Trademark Number : 405903

4. China Copyrights Registration:

As a forward-thinking company, we acknowledge the significance of the Chinese market, and at Muslim Blocks®, we have taken measures to register our copyright in China as well. This enables us to assert our rights and deter any unauthorized use of our designs within the country.

Warning: Trademark Violation

In conjunction with our patent and copyright protections, we would like to highlight the importance of respecting our trademarks. Muslim Blocks® is a registered trademark, and any unauthorized use of our brand name, logos, or designs is strictly prohibited.

Respecting Intellectual Property

We, at Muslim Blocks®, believe in fostering a community that values creativity, innovation, and respect for intellectual property rights. We urge everyone visiting our website to appreciate the time, effort, and passion that goes into creating our artwork designs. Any misuse, reproduction, or distribution of our copyrighted and trademarked materials will be met with severe legal consequences.

Cooperation & Collaboration

We are always open to exploring collaborations and partnerships with individuals and businesses who appreciate and respect intellectual property rights. If you have any inquiries regarding licensing, usage, or any other related matters, please feel free to reach out to us through our contact page.

Thank you for visiting our Muslim Blocks® Artwork Design Page and for supporting originality, creativity, and intellectual property rights.


Founder Muslim Blocks®